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Hosting Consumer Report is an independent organization that offers you to read the reviews on companies that provide windows web hosting. Believe us that a successful online business is not a lucky accident. We will help you to get to the top of it! Our reports are reliable source of information. As the competition in web hosting industry grows, many hosting providers are dishonest and treat their customers in unacceptable manner. In order to protect our users in their choice of reliable Windows web hosting provider we are going to guide you in your search for the best web host.

Windows web hosting gives you the ability to utilize many forms of dynamic content and specialized databases. Here are the major points regarding Windows hosting:

Windows web hosting platform is 2nd most popular in the Internet among site owners. The main advantage of Windows servers is that they are compatible with Microsoft applications, such as FrontPage, MS Access and MS SQL. Windows servers also offer the use of programming shells such as Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Basic Scripts and MS Index Servers.

If you use FrontPage to design and publish your website, you'll find perfect support on a Windows hosting provider, as well as if you plan to have Windows Streaming Media on your site, or use Visual Interdev. Providers with the latest Windows hosting version offer Windows hosting clients a collection of third party applications called Web Site Starters custom designed for a Windows environment.

Windows hosting account is exceptionally convenient for sending and receiving email. Once your mailbox has been created you can use a WebMail interface to send and receive email from a web browser or you can use Outlook and Outloox Express email clients.

Although a Windows server can be quite expensive, it has one of the simplest user-interfaces available and is therefore a perfect choice for new and inexperienced webmasters.

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