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“I have been a Hostgator customer for approximately 3 years. I’ve got standard dedicated plan that I use to host websites and my experience with them turned to be great. I’m pleased with Hostgator customer services and uptime. They are easy to work with and generally, my impression is good. I would definitely recommend Hostgator to those who need dependable web host." (J.King) So, what do you know about Hostgator? If nothing – this Hostgator review will provide you objective information about company’s services and plans.

Hostgator was organized in 2002 (Florida). It grew in one of the most respected names in the web hosting industry. Hostgator provides services to over 400,000 websites and nearly 10,000 resellers have chosen this company to provide high-end services. Every client can contact Hostgator via telephone, email or live chat. The overall idea of Hostgator is good. They provide lots of services and good technical support. At the Hostgator’s site you’ll see that they offer not only standard web hosting plans, but dedicated and reseller packages as well. So, let’s relate the facts as they actually happened.

Hostgator Web Hosting Plans

Hostgator suggests four web-hosting plans. What are the features of these plans? Hatching web hosting package ($6.95/mo) allows: 50GB disk space; 200GB bandwidth; 99,5% uptime guarantee; 20 sum domains; unlimited MySQL databases; 20 FTP accounts; 20 POP3 accounts. Baby web hosting package ($9.95/mo) allows: 100GB disk space; 1,000 GB bandwidth; unlimited domains and sub domains; unlimited FTP accounts; unlimited MySQL databases; unlimited POP3 accounts; 99,9% uptime guarantee.

Swamp web hosting package ($14.95/mo) allows: 200GB disk space; 2,000GB bandwidth; 99,9% uptime guarantee; unlimited domains and sub domains; unlimited MySQL databases; unlimited POP3 accounts; chilisoft ASP; anonymous FTP; private SSL; unlimited FTP accounts. Semi Dedicated web hosting package ($74.95/mo) allows: 25GB disk space; 500GB bandwidth; 99,9% uptime guarantee; unlimited domains and sub domains; unlimited FTP accounts; anonymous FTP; unlimited MySQL databases; unlimited POP3 accounts; private SSL. So, it’s up to you to decide what web hosting plan fits your needs the best. We consider that the represented web hosting packages combine reasonable prices with good services. For further details you may visit company’s web site.

Hostgator Dedicated Web Hosting Plans

As we have already mentioned Hostgator provides dedicated web hosting plans. It’s a fact that with dedicated server you will have a power to customize it any way you like it. So, Hostgator offers four dedicated plans. Basic dedicated plan ($174,00/mo) includes: 1,500GB bandwidth; 80GB Hard Drive; 1024MB DDR memory. Standard dedicated plan ($219,00/mo) includes: 2,500 bandwidth; 2x80GB Hard Drive; 2048 MB DDR memory. Elite dedicated plan ($279,00/mo) includes: 2,500GB bandwidth; 2x73GB Hard Drive; 4096MB DDR memory. Pro dedicated plan ($374,00/mo) includes: 2,500GB bandwidth; 500GB Hard Drive; 4096MB DDR memory. Dedicated web hosting is ideal if you have large quantities of visitors or if you want to place lots of complex applications. Hostgator dedicated web hosting plans could be a good choice for medium and big size projects on the Internet.

Hostgator Reseller Web Hosting Plans

And the last point of Hostgator review will be its reseller hosting packages. Buying a reseller package a customer will have an ability to create its own plans and prices. Hostgator guarantees privacy allowing its clients to act as an independent company. If you would like to get involved in web hosting industry do pay attention at the Hostgator’s reseller services. So, Hostgator represents five reseller plans. Aluminum reseller package ($24.95/mo) provides 12GB disk space and 125GB bandwidth. Copper reseller package ($34.95/mo) provides 20GB disk space and 175GB bandwidth. Silver reseller package ($49.95/mo) provides 30GB disk space and 250GB bandwidth. Gold reseller package ($74.95/mo) provides 40GB disk space and 300GB bandwidth. Diamond reseller package ($99.95/mo) provides 50GB disk space and 350GB bandwidth. If you need more data about Hostgator and its plans we recommend you to visit company’s web site.

Summing up all the features that are mentioned in this review, we’d like to say that Hostgator is the company that provides optimal web hosting solutions to customers’ requirements. Wide spectrums of Hostgator’s services are so beneficial that they stand out this company on the web hosting market. If you have a look at independent hosts’ ratings you’ll see that Hostgator takes leading positions there. A lot of customers have already appreciated Hostgator hosting solutions. We emphasize that this review is objective and it is based only on checked information. Stay with us and you will always be in touch with the situation.

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