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Everyone who has thought of choosing the right web host company probably heard of the fact that servers use Windows or Linux platforms. In our articles we give you detailed information about various hosting platforms. If you are specifically interested in any of them view our articles where you’ll find the answers on all your questions. In this review we are going to outline the key features of Windows based servers.

It’s a matter of fact that the brand Windows is one of the most popular in the Internet industry. Beware that choosing an operating system will influence the services and type of software applications you can deploy and run on the server. Some of these applications may be beneficial and others may turn to be useless. So, servers with Windows platform will be compatible with Microsoft applications, such as FrontPage, ASP, MS SQL, VBScript, Java, Perl, PHP, CGI, MS Access databases, Macromedia’s Cold Fusion etc. So, if you got used to software that is provided by Microsoft then a Windows web hosting can be an ideal choice for you. But the main factors, that will help you to determine what kind of server you really need, are can be revealed in general review of server’s technical characteristics. Indicate the expected goals and requirements and then, based on your needs see the compatibility of the chosen server. If you take it into consideration all your expectations from server, you can easily decide which web host suits you the best.

All in all, when surfing hundreds of websites with lots of information about Windows web hosting you’d better pay attention at general information. Take a note of such things as: storage space (it’s the actual space that will be provided for your website), bandwidth (the amount of data needed to process when someone visits your website), uptime (the time when your website is online and accessible to other users), mail forwarding accounts and email autoresponders (the options that allow to forward your email from the hosted website to somewhere and to autorespond to the people who emailed you), visitor statistics (this option shows you how many people have visited your website) and technical support (one of the most important items that should be considered because it’s very important to know where you can address to when having any questions or problems).

Well, we think that the most optimal web host should be responsible, environmentally conscious, with excellent technical support. In the Internet you can see lots of Windows web hosting companies that will promise you the moon. Stay calm and think of the information rationally. Only dependable web host companies will be honest with their clients and they will say what they can do and what they can’t do.

So, summing up the above said we’d like to stress your attention at the fact that the matter is not only what platform uses your web host. Both Windows web hosting and Linux web hosting companies should provide you high quality services. We agree that technical details are also very important that is why we recommend you to find as many details as possible about the chosen web host. Read the feedback from the users who have already known about the level of service support and weigh all pros and contras. If you are interested in additional information you may browse our site and read other reviews that will tell you more about the topic of your concern. We provide you independent reviews that acquaint you with the major features of web hosting industry. We appreciate your attention and being with us!

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