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To decide Hosting on Linux or windows is a difficult task as both OS have their own advantages and disadvantages. Hosting on Linux or windows could be decided on the base of your web site. The type of language that you web site is build on or the database type you are using. So, we’ll try to enumerate all positive and negative moments of these two web-hosting platforms.

For and Against Linux Web Hosting

The most vivid advantage of Linux web hosting stands that it’s cheaper than Windows. The reason lies in licensing costs that are lower than for Windows, and in the capacity of Linux web servers to support a large number of web pages per server ratio without compromising the quality of service. Linux can work for a quite long period of time without technical breakdowns or down time, when Windows running systems need rebooting at certain period of intervals. Also, Linux is well known to be an open source and due to it lots of customers can contribute their additions to various applications, making Linux solutions very useful, innovative and affordable. As for disadvantages of Linux is that it can’t accommodate Windows software applications and the coding conversions. This can be a serious problem for web site that was developed for Windows based server.

For and Against Windows Web Hosting

Although Windows hosting cost a bit more, you will get something for your money. It's reduced development time and functionality. Except standard Microsoft applications, Windows web hosting provides plenty of advantageous features such as Net support, ASP, visual basic C++ and Pearl scripts. Windows is also famous for its dynamic page displays. Generally, Windows web hosting supports all Microsoft databases that make it easy to apply codes to. We can’t but mention the disadvantages of using Windows. Although Windows web hosting provider can suggest you a lot of benefits there are still such negative moments as: down time, scheduled rebooting and quite expensive licensing cost.

All in all, it’s only your decision what kind of web host to prefer. As you see – both Linux and Windows web hosting have their pros and cons. You have to weigh everything before making a final decision. As the option of one over another depends basically of your actual needs and of the plans you have made for the future of your web site. For example will it move from a rather static web site to one relying heavily on server side scripting? And if it is so what would be the programming language used: PHP or ASP? Consequently your web site will be set up on a Linux or on a Windows web server.

Nearly all-competent web-hosting providers will give you the choice between Linux and Windows. There is no winner of this contest, at least not yet. In today's terms, your preference of one system over another should be given only by your requirements and the needs of your visitors. In conclusion, we’d like to note that this review is based on unbiased information and we don’t aim to promote any kind web hosting. We appreciate your opinion that is why we introduce you all the features of any subject.

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