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The word “free" always sounds great and attractive, but it doesn’t mean that you won’t pay. Choosing free web hosting won’t require your money but it will compensate free services in another way. All in all, sometimes free means much more expensive.

So, let’s start from the definition. Free web host is a company that provides you hosting services for free, but usually these service activities are supported by advertisements and they have limited functionality. Free web hosts are quite good for creating your personal web page or hobby site. It’s a good start when you are learning new information about the ‘essence’ of web hosting, and in this case, you’d better to start from free of charge web hosts. But if you are an entrepreneur and running your business then we don’t recommend you to rely on free web hosts and we’ll explain why.

Key Factors That You Should Keep In Mind When Choosing a Free Web Host

First of all, no one will give you a guarantee that the chosen free web host will exist for a long time. They may be here today, but gone tomorrow. Such uncertainty won’t benefit any kind of site, especially if your site contains any important information. Another point that has disadvantageous consequences is no uptime guarantee. It will be worthless to complain that your page is not available. If you are running a business uptime factor may deeply affect your affairs. Also, free web hosts usually put numerous ads on their websites, making your site look like a New Year’s tree. All these flashing ads just distract attention from the content and sometimes the spoil general design of your page. But if lots of banners, ads and popup seem quite acceptable to you then free web host may be a good choice.

Very serious point is that free web hosts have much lower level of security. If your site contains significant details and information - don’t trust free web hosting. Of course if it’s your personal homepage and you have nothing to lose free web hosting is quite OK. And the last item that also plays an essential role is that free web hosts have a certain kind of reputation. For example, if someone is interested in your service or product, and you have a free web site, then he may assume that you are not offering serious goods.

In real world you can observe that things that are free or that you can get easily with almost no effort, are not reliable and also they don't have any worth to you the similar situation is when we talk about free web host. If you have only a personal website for friends and family members, then a free web host is sufficient. But if you are running a business, want to sell online things or share some important information through your web site then never go with a free web host.

If you like to know “how it works" then try one of the free web hosts, but for something that is more serious select another variants. View our articles about budget web hosting, dedicated web hosting and many others and see all the pros and cons.

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