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ASP is a very flexible language, and more and more web hosting companies are trying to add ASP support to their hosting packages to remain competitive. This, of course, is only to your benefit as you have a great number of ASP hosting offerings to choose from.

ASP stands for Active Server Pages. It is a technology that enables users to design and create interactive pages for their websites. Interactive means forms, in-site search engines, blogs, user forums, newsletters, calendars, WhoIs searches, web-based email, polls, surveys, hit counters and more.

What is great about ASP - webmasters no longer have to worry about the kind of browser their site visitors are using. With ASP hosting, your website will appear identically on all computers and on all browsers.

ASPs provide users with all possible services – e-mail, processing, e-commerce services, shopping cart options, search engines, databases, calendars, FTP applications, and custom programs. In addition, ASPs generally provide multiple servers, 4-way replication, power backup, and perfect support, providing your site with most comprehensive list of services on the web. Thus you can consider ASP web hosting to be the best choice for serious webmasters.

ASP technology is presently being developed by leading software companies and is believed to be the future of web hosting. Although ASP web hosting is quite expensive, it provides users with perfect security and reliability.

If you are interested in using ASP hosting services, we are glad to invite you to our free web hosting directory. We provide you with the most useful and objective information on web hosting. Our experts have compiled the list of the most trusted web hosting companies, so you can easily compare the features and prices they offer without worrying about their reliability. Read our impartial informative reviews and choose the best web hosting provider in few simple steps!

Windows ASP Web Hosting Providers

ASP generally works best on Windows platform. In order to use ASP scripts on your web pages, you’ll have to download and install onto your system an ASP server, like Microsoft’s Internet Information Services (IIS) or Microsoft’s Personal Web Server (PWS) - one or both of which is included with most Windows packages for no extra charge. Welcome to our web-hosting directory to select the best Windows ASP web hosting providers and sign up for the most suitable ASP hosting plan!

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